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Erster Saisonsieg von SMZ 1

Frigerio Matteo 25.01.2017

On thursday 19th the WBK SM Zurich had its first victory of the season against SC Schaffhausen. It was an important victory for the Zurich's team because Schaffhausen is one of the team against which WBK SM Zurich has to fight in order to remain in the national B league. Eventhough looking at the final result of 14:7 the double-digit difference seams to clearly define the Zurich's team as the strongest,  the final result wasn't already ensured untill the third half of the match. Individually, Zurich's players are stronger than those of schaffhausen, however, that fact doesn't automatically ensure the success.  Indeed, for the first two quarter, the WBK SM Zurich found difficulty in overcoming the opponent team.  Due to some defensive errors and individual mistakes of the Zurich's team, the score after the first set was 2:2. Zurich closed the second half with 2 goals of advantage and the third half with three goals more than the Schaffhausen's team. In the last quarter Zurich strengthened its advantage, scoring 5 goals. Without any doubts, this victory has been foundamental to raise the team's morale and to start scoring points. However, the route to ensure a "safe place" in the national B league is still long. The team's coach Heinz, should carefully think to a strategy to better fit the individual strenghtness in order to let the team play as a "unique" thing instead of a sum of separated player.