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SMZ 3 – TriStar3 - 2. Liga Ost - 15. Juni 17 - Zollikon FB / Fohrbach

Omar Bayoumi 16.06.2017

The SMZ3 team met outside of the Fohrbach hallenbad at 20:00. The sky was already full of big dark clouds, and the team could hear the thunder in the background. The referee along with the home team decided it is ok to proceed with having the game in the outdoors pool. Shortly after the teams jumped into the pool and started warming up, the players were instructed to leave the pool immediately as the risk of lightning hitting the pool was very high.

All players waited in the dressing rooms for the thunderstorm to pass and the heavy rain to stop. At around 21:15 the players were then called back. The referee had decided that the game would be played with 8 minute quarters but without stopping the watch for fouls and so on. This made the game very fast and interesting.

The game started in favor for the home team Aquastar III with 4-0 in the first quarter. The SMZ3 team starting the second quarter were playing very well with a few missed passes and very well defense strategy.  The game then continued with 2 – 2, 3 – 5, 4 – 3, and ended 13 – 10 for Aquastar III.